Reflux Esophagitis: Inflammation of the oesophagus because of the contents of the stomach returning into it. It is more often caused due to psychological factors like anxiety, guilt and excessive stimulation. These days it is referred to as Oral Malodor. It helps in transmitting signals from the nerves. Four-Year College Priests: Should They be Allowed to Marry? According to the figures collected in 2013, 85% of single parents had graduated high school, 54% had attended college, and at least 18% had a Bachelor's degree. ► In 2013, it was studied that 69% of all single parents were employed. beige Syndrome: This is a malfunction of movement which is characterized by forceful and involuntary muscular contractions of the tongue and jaw, referred to as oromandibular dystopia, along with muscular spasms around the eyes, called blepharospasm. When both motor and vocal tic are present it is known as Tourette's disorder which is a more complex form of tic disorder. Hair Cells: These are sensory cells located in the inner ear. Blink Rate: The rate at which the eyelids blink automatically per minute usually it is 10-30 times a minute.

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General.esthetic: An aesthetic used for anaesthetizing the whole body and causing unconsciousness during surgery. There are many facets attached to Chinese culture and civilization; such as their medicine, food, marshal art forms, et al. ► Japan's culture is laden with so many elements like Japan's music, costume, dance, attire, food, and many such things that it becomes imperative to know it, inside out. Get colourful curtains and chic bedspreads. ~ Carrie Bradshaw Season IV, Episode 16: Ring A Ding He's just not that into you. ~ Jack Berger Season VI, Episode 4: Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little Home Builder The fact is, sometimes it's hard to walk in a single woman's shoes. Immunotherapy: A therapy that is designed to make the body resistant to substances that it is allergic to like dust mites, pollens, insect venom, and fungi by giving the person increasing doses of the allergen he/she is allergic to. The Dashiki is a very colourful men's garment that covers the upper half of the body, while the traditional female attire is called a Kaftan, which is a loose-fitting pullover garment, usually with an embroidered V-shaped collar. An important point, when it comes to the functioning of wireless repeaters, is that they should be placed within range of the emitting device or another repeater. Endocardium: The membrane covering the surface inside the heart. Read more about Celtic Culture . ► Inspired by the European culture, Gothic culture is now found in many countries. Malocclusion: A dental problem which is also known as 'bad bite'.